Avalon in Oakville

Oakville, ON

All INCOME SERIES opportunities are made available through Core Capital Partners Inc. (FSCO Brokerage License No. 12497) and Core Mortgage Admin Corp. (FSCO Brokerage License No. 12344 and Mortgage Administration Lic. No. 12345).

This prestigious project is located in Oakville, Ontario. Marketing during the sales phase as Avalon, the completed site boasts a Lakeshore address and is located minutes from Appleby College, the local marina and downtown Oakville. Buyers received the quality and finish of a custom built home in a unique, exclusive cul-de-sac of 13 such dwellings.

Total Offering: $1,600,000.00

Investment Term: 18 Months

Return: 8.00%

Location: Oakville, ON

Status: Completed

DISCLAIMER: Syndicated Mortgage Investments have inherent risks and may not be suitable to all investors and are subject to risks arising from rapidly changing market conditions. All investments in real estate are speculative. There may be or may not be a secondary market that syndicated mortgage investments may be sold. Unforeseen circumstances may develop such as delays, such as zoning or municipal approvals, project experiencing funding issues and execution risks. An investment in mortgages should not constitute a major portion of your investment. You should carefully assess the risk of mortgage investments before making a commitment to invest. All prospective investors are advised to obtain project’s due diligence package and risk disclosures statements from their licensed mortgage professionals. Licensed mortgage agents/brokers are required to close all transactions. This mortgage investment is not guaranteed by the Government of Ontario. Trustee fees may apply. Contact your mortgage agent for more details.