Diversify Your Portfolio with Healthcare & Real Estate
CORE + Partners is comprised of CORE Realty Partners Inc., Core Healthcare Partners Inc., Platinum Investment Group Inc. o/a Core Mortgage Admin Corp., (FSRA administrator license – 12345); and Platinum Investment Group Inc. (FSRA brokerage license – 12344). CORE is not an exempt market dealer; all securities are offered through First Republic Capital, an exempt market dealer.

Core and Partners is a privately held boutique investment group of companies focused on the healthcare and real estate sectors. Core & Partners believes in investing in recession resistant asset classes as a diversification strategy for a sound investment portfolio.


We provide quality opportunities with the intention of being able to withstand economic downturns. We have identified healthcare and real estate as resilient sectors to compliment one’s portfolio. Nothing can be guaranteed, but senior tailored apartments, dental support organizations and private lending opportunities are some of the asset classes that are considered recession resistant assets worth exploring and diversifying into.

IncomeMortgage lending

CORE Healthcare Services Trust

Diversifying into Dentistry Makes Sense
A smart investment strategy for a fragmented market

Target Return

8% per annum1

Potential Bonus

4% per annum1

Investment Period

3 years


Renaissance Retirement Barrie Trust

Innovative Seniors Tailored Apartments in a great location

Target Ann. Return

20%+ per annum1

Investment Period

4 years