Connecting the dots for investors, property owners and developers


Core provides direct access to private commercial real estate investments under the same portfolio strategies that the largest and most successful financial institutions and high net worth individuals use.


Market Research & Feasibility Studies

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Prior to acquiring any sort of property, it is important to conduct proper due diligence. Taking these first steps will assist with objectively assessing the viability or the intended project, assist with financing and set the optimal course of action.

Capital Solutions

We can provide debt and equity solutions for your project. A well-balanced capital stack is key to a better risk adjusted re-turns on your project. Whether you are seeking debt, equity or construction financing, our capital team can provide the right capital solutions you require. Also, our mortgage administration facility provides a higher level of protection by enabling us to offer in-house as well as third-party loan and mortgage administration.

Land or Property Acquisition

Guided by inputs gathered from the studies, we can ensure that you can profit from your land and or property acquisition. From identifying and assembling land our team of experts will work on your behalf to make it a seamless process.

Project Management and Construction

Our in-house project management and quantity surveying capabilities allow you to benefit from our years of experience in this area. Whether it is dealing with planners, architects and designers, engineers as well as a third-party construction company you can rest easy knowing that you have capable project management and delivery experts assisting you in achieving an on-time, on-budget project undertaking.

Leasing and Property Management

Nothing can cost you more than empty units. Leasing up a newly developed or recently purchased multi-family or student housing apartments can be a daunting task. Ensuring that your property is fully leased up allows you to address cash flow required for financing and operating the property. Once fully leased up, we can assist with a customized property management services to make sure that your asset is managed at its optimal level. As well, we can come up with programs to enhance your tenant’s living experience.

Final Disposition

When it is time to sell your serviced land, units or building, our real estate team can open it up to our network of retail, high-net worth or institutional. investors to get you the maximum profit for your project.

Core Realty Partners Inc is focused on identifying, acquiring, developing and managing exceptional real estate in the seniors and student housing, as was as in self-storage and purpose built apartments market.


“Storage business booming as Canadians grapple with “too much stuff”


“Purpose-built rental developments in GTA crucial to
prevent “full-blown affordability crisis according to CIBC”


“As baby boomers hurtle into retirement, Canada faces one of the largest demographic waves in history. The senior population aged 75 and over will grow by 53% between now and 2034”